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    【11月9日】學術報告:Fractals and Fractal Transformations(分形與分形變換)

    來自:       作者:   編輯:       時間:2017-11-07


    報告題目:Fractals and Fractal Transformations(分形與分形變換)

    時間:2017119  下午15:00


    報告人:Pro. Michael Barnsley  (Mathematical Sciences Institute, Australian National University)


    Michael BARNSLEY is a leading figure in the world of fractals. He obtained his BA (1968) in mathematics at Oxford University, UK and a PhD (1972) in theoretical chemistry at Wisconsin, USA. He has been a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology and a founded the company Iterated Systems Inc in 1987. He is the author of over 200 publications including the books Fractals Everywhere and SuperFractals.


    ABSTRACT: Fractal transformations are a way of changing smooth objects into rough ones, and vice versatile. They have exciting potential applications in science and art. This lecture will explain in simple terms, what fractals and fractal transformations are, and how they can be built and explored (easily) using the "Chaos Game.